Customer Service Agent for Mayanta Corp

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Customer Service Agent for Mayanta Corp

Some responsibilities include:

This job offer is for the work at home company Mayanta Corp is currently offering positions for customer service agents, as well as sales agents. Employees will be servicing our clients by answering their customer’s calls, making payment arrangements; booking reservations; and even selling products or services for our sales clients. We service various clients from famous telecom companies; popular resorts, theme parks that are well known; and many more.

Since you work at home you get to choose your own hours. The hours you choose are dependent on your personal schedule. However you have to work a minimum of 15 hours a week. We offer direct deposit, our employees are able to log onto their account to view their pay stubs every pay period.

One more thing that is very beneficial with us as a work home company we do not require you to pay for your training courses; as so many other companies seem to do. Mayanta Corp pays for your courses, of course.

The only thing that you pay for is a background check which is very affordable at the price of $10. If you would like to know more about this offer be sure to contact us.

** Also at this time we are hiring bilingual employees who are fluent in the Spanish language.

CLICK HERE to view this job opportunity (the link will be in the Google result). Apply now. Jobs go fast!

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