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    Name of Company: eHow

    eHow Position: eHow Writer

    eHow Description: Writing helpful “how to” articles on just about any subject there is.

    Note: A person must apply via Demand Media Studios to work for eHow.

    Extra info: A Brief Overview of eHow
    eHow is basically a website where one can find how-to instruction articles and videos on practically any given subject. eHow can easily mean “everything how”. It was created in March 1999, but because it isn’t as profitable as other websites despite its popularity, eHow had to be bought by several entities until it was finally bought by Demand Media in 2006. In 2005, eHow gave birth to wikiHow, a companion site which allowed users to write and edit articles. eHow articles were solely written by hired professional writers. It is now host to close to two million how-to articles, with over six million unique hits each month, and a value of close to $1.8 billion.

    How to Join eHow
    If one wants to write a how-to article for eHow, all one needs to have is a Facebook log in, then on the profile page, eHow’s publishing wizard will guide the writer through the steps of publishing the article on the site. Once a member, one can also write articles requested by other readers or users which are not yet available in the site. Others can also choose to be a part of eHow by contributing on the “I Did This” on any of the eHow how-to articles and sharing their first hand experience on making or following the said article.

    How to Make Money with eHow
    One can earn money by working as a freelance writer for eHow. eHow writers comprise of people from different social and educational backgrounds and are paid an average of $15 to $20 per article. If they choose to write their own suggested articles, then the article would get paid base on revenue-sharing. Moreover, one can also make money by gaining exposure through the articles. The writer’s biography and byline are usually published with the article, and with millions of users each month, this is one sure way of getting visibility or exposure mileage for one’s business or trade.

    How to Apply: Click here to learn more about writing for eHow!

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