• demandmedia
    Name of Company: Demand Media Studios

    Demand Studios Job Position: Writer

    Demand Studios Job Description: Writing articles about various subjects

    Extra info: Also has positions available for filmmakers, copy editors, title proofers, transcribers and experts. Payment is up-front for projects. An Overview of Demand Media Studios
    Demand Media, Inc. is an online company that creates contents and offer social media programs to large company websites. It was formed in 2006 by Shawn Colo and Richard Rossenblatt, who used to be the chairman of MySpace. One of the companies owned by Demand Media, Inc. is eNom, which is the second largest in domain name registrar in the world with over nine million domain names. Demand Media Studios overlooks the creation of articles and videos that will ultimately be published in its associate websites like eHow, Livestrong, and Crack.com.

    How to Join Demand Media Studios

    Demand Media Studios provide opportunities for those who are qualified to take part in any of the content creation process – from the writing, to the editing, and even to the creating of the title.

    Those interested are enjoined to send an application after which they will be notified through email if they are accepted or not. One can apply for different positions and once one has been accepted, then he can immediately start work by logging in and selecting an assignment.

    What do Freelance Agents of Demand Media Studios Get?
    Freelance writers of Demand Media Studios get an opportunity to have their articles published on popular associate websites like USA Today.com, eHow and Livestrong.com that has a total combined viewership of over 100 million all over the world.

    They also get paid an amount that would depend on the type of work personally claimed by the writer. It would also depend on factors like word count and publishing site. New writers are allotted three writing assignments which they complete with the help of a senior copy editor. If the articles pass the minimum standards, then the writer can claim up to ten assignments at a time. Over time, as one’s writing standards improve, he may be eligible for getting higher assignment allotment.

    How to Apply: Click here to learn more and apply for the Demand Studios work at home job!