Document Coding

Document coding is data entry, but a bit harder than the average data entry. Document Coders, also called Coders or Remote Coders, checks images of things like letters, e-mails, reports, et cetera and type things like names, dates, titles and other information from those images into the empty text fields. It sounds easy and sometimes is, but the rules change a lot. There are usually different rules for different projects, which means coders have to learn and memorize several different manuals - sometimes several in a day.

When coders work they do what is called "batches." A batch is documents - anywhere from 10 - 50 per batch depending on which company a coder works for - that coders... code.

Coders use software called IPRO that displays an image on one side and a box with text fields to enter the data on the other.

Pay for this type of work varies and can range from $5.00/hour to over $30.00/hour. It all depends on the project, how fast a coder types, how fast a coder can locate certain information on a document, and which level a coder is on the document coder ladder.

There are three positions in Remote Coding. The beginning level is Coder. Most people average $8.00 and hour doing this. Newer Coders will probably average less than that until they get used to coding and then they can work up to making $8.00 or more an hour while coding.

The next level after promotion from Coder is Quality Control or "QCer." QCers double check the work of Coders and correct any mistakes a coder might make. Or sometimes the QCer resubmits the batch back to the Coder, if there are too many mistakes to correct. QCers are supposed to make more per hour than coders and most of the time they do, earning over $14.00 an hour. However, sometimes projects can be very difficult and QCers have to make many corrections and resubmit many batches and their earnings per hour go down a bit.

The top level in document coding after promotion from QCer is that of a Unitizer. Unitizers get the batches together for Coders to code. Pay can be really great there and can average from $15.00 an hour to $30.00 an hour. All of these earnings per hour are just estimates, but seems to be the average.

UPDATE February 2011: Work at home document coding jobs have been very sparse since 2006. Many have been shipped outside of the United States and are completed in-house at Non-U.S. companies. However, there is one company we have listed. To apply for the document coding job, please visit our Data Entry section and look for companies that are specifically listed as Document Coding companies.

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